Plenary speakers

Ravi Subramaniam (India)  

Ravi Subramaniam (India) is professor at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education in Mumbai. His key research interests are in learning strands for core topics in middle school, professional development for mathematics teachers, connecting out-of-school mathematical knowledge with school learning, role of visuo-spatial thinking in science and mathematics education, and issues related to the history of mathematics education. He has published widely in these fields, alongside leading the publication of development materials at teacher and learner levels.

Ravi has visited South Africa before, and served on international committees in the mathematics education field.

Mariëtte (JM) Reyneke (SA)

Mariëtte (JM) Reyneke (SA) is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Procedural Law and Law of Evidence at the Faculty of Law (UFS). Her research focuses on child law, restorative justice and education law.

These are very important and significant issues when one considers our 2017 Congress theme. We look forward to hearing how these issues impact on children learning mathematics at our schools and attempts to "restore their dignity".

Florian Luca (SA)

Florian Luca (SA) is a Romanian mathematician who specializes in number theory with emphasis on Diophantine equations, linear recurrences and the distribution of values of arithmetic functions. He has made notable contributions to the proof that irrational automatic numbers are transcendental and the proof of a conjecture of Erdös on the intersection of the Euler function and the sum of divisors function.

He is currently a research professor at the University of the Witwatersrand. He has co-authored over 500 papers in mathematics with more than 200 co-authors.

Debbie Stott (SA)  

Debbie Stott (SA) is a senior researcher and the after school Maths Club coordinator for the South African Numeracy Chair project at Rhodes University in Grahamstown. The project works with a number of intersecting communities (teachers, learners, families and researchers) to enthuse mathematical passion and learning.

She is also involved in the project’s work with the broader community, such as Family Maths Events and parent talks.

Nosisi Feza (SA)  

Nosisi Nellie Feza (SA) is a full Professor in the College of Graduate Studies in the University of South Africa. She is currently a Head of the Institute of Science and Technology Education at the university. She has obtained a PhD in Mathematics Education from the State University of New York as a Fulbright scholar. She received a Diversity Scholar Award from the National Center for Institutional Diversity in Michigan in 2009. In 2016 she received a Distinguished Researcher Award in mathematics education from Venus International Foundation in Chennai, India. Her research interests are early childhood mathematics stimulation and teacher development as well as cultural influences in learning mathematics among African learners.

Most of her work will be found in her website