The scientific programme

The scientific programme includes:

Pre-congress workshops (Sunday 24 June, 14:00-17:00)

Plenary addresses by invited speakers, including overseas speakers
Click below for for more information on speakers:
o Raymond Bjuland (Norway)
o Mike Mhlolo (Central University of Technology)
o David Mogari (University of South Africa)
o Loyiso Jita (University of the Free State)
o Belinda Huntley (UNISA)

Plenary Panel discussions on various issues in Mathematics Education
o Planning and preparation in Mathematics across the phases: What is non-negotiable?   Chair: Vasuthavan Govender
o Culture meets culture, mathematics in and around us  Chair: Busi Goba

Parallel sessions presented by participants
The parallel sessions will be structured according to the Foundation Phase, Intermediate Phase,
Senior Phase, FET, and Teacher Education, in the following formats:
o Long papers (40 minutes plus 20 minutes discussion)
o Short papers (20 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion)
o "How I teach" papers (20 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion)
o Poster presentations (continuous display plus one hour for discussions)
o Workshops (1 or 2 hours)

Activity Centre
Hands-on practical activities to enhance teachers' and learners' mathematical concepts

AMESA Interest Groups discussion sessions
o Curriculum Phase Committees
o Mathematics Teacher Education
o Mathematical Problem Solving
o Writing and reviewing for AMESA

Exhibits and Maths Market presentations
Exhibitors will exhibit and promote their products