History of AMESA

AMESA was founded in 1993 as the result of a unity process between nine previously divided Mathematics education organisations.

Aims of AMESA

The aims of the Association are, in general, to promote Mathematics Education and, in particular, to enhance the quality of the teaching and learning of Mathematics in South Africa by:

  • Providing a forum for all concerned with the teaching of Mathematics at all levels of education;
  • Encouraging research related to Mathematics Education and bringing the results of such research to the attention of its members;
  • Formulating policy statements on matters regarding Mathematics Education and promoting such perspectives among its members, policy-making bodies and organs in civil society involved in education;
  • Actively engaging in Mathematics Education projects that will result in the social, economic, political and cultural development of society;
  • Encouraging and assisting its members to strive towards a high standard of professionalism in the exercise of their profession.
Structure of AMESA

AMESA has organised structures in each of the nine provinces of South Africa. In each province there are various branches whose activities are co-ordinated by Provincial Councils. Members participate in the activities of their branch and province and in so doing in the activities of the Association. Through branch and provincial structures, members also make inputs to the various national activities.

Annual General Meeting (AGM):
The governing body of the Association is the Annual General Meeting, which consists of the following members:

  • The National Office Bearers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) - elected by the AGM
  • One representative from each branch, appointed by the branch
  • n ÷ 100 (rounded to the next whole number) representatives from each province, appointed by the province, where n is the number of members in good standing in the province.

National Council:
The National Council is the administrative body of the Association, constituted annually by the Annual General Meeting and consists of the following members:

  • The National Office Bearers
  • One representative from each province, appointed by the Provincial Council
  • Any persons co-opted by Council.

The National Council is responsible for (among other things):

  • The management and administration of the affairs of the Association.
  • Adopting policy issues of major importance between Annual General Meetings.
  • Organising an annual national congress and such other congresses as it deems necessary to promote the aims of the Association.
  • Appointing the Editorial Committees of the Association's journals.

Representation on committees
In addition to the national and provincial activities described above, members of the Association represent its interests by serving on various committees, including:

Interest groups
AMESA also has a number of interest groups and committees that include:

  • AMESA Curriculum Committee
  • National Primary Mathematics working group
  • Mathematics Teacher Education interest group
  • Problem solving interest group
  • Academic writing and editing interest group
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