Schools enter their learners and organise the writing of the First Round at their school. Therefore learners cannot enter directly - if necessary learners and parents should approach their school if they want to participate.
Actually, we require a group of schools (5 or more schools in geographic proximity) to form a region. And a region can only function if there is a Regional Organiser to organise it! See below how the
Final Round is organised.


1 February 2018

Dear Principal and Mathematics Colleagues

We enclose a master copy of the papers, answer sheet and memorandum for each grade for the First Round of the Grade 4-7 South African Mathematics Challenge 2018.

The Challenge is intended as a vehicle to popularise mathematics and to enhance the quality of the teaching and learning of mathematics. The Challenge is not a scholastic test, but tests conceptual knowledge, the application of knowledge in new situations, problem solving and general mathematical thinking, supporting our new Curriculum to help South Africans become empowered independent and creative thinkers. And we believe mathematics is accessible to all, not just the select few!

We therefore encourage schools to let all their learners participate in the First Round. There are two categories of participation: Confident learners may prefer to participate as individuals (singles), whilst others may prefer to work in pairs (doubles).

The First Round: 7-11 May 2018

Final Round: Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Certificates of Achievement
All learners scoring more than 80% in the Final receive a "gold" Certificate of Achievement, those scoring more than 60% receive "silver", and those scoring 50% or more receive "bronze". Last year nearly 4 000 learners received certificates. Certificates will be printed by SAMF and posted directly to participating schools.

Participation in the Challenge costs R8/R10/R12 per learner - detail to follow. We encourage schools to become members of AMESA (see the enclosed membership form).

We trust that learners and teachers will enjoy the Challenge, and benefit from it! More details about the Challenge, including free past papers, are available on the web at

The Challenge is organised by SAMF (South African Mathematics Foundation) in cooperation with AMESA.

Please direct all communication about participation to your Regional Organiser, or directly to Patrick Rasehwete or call him at 012 392 9348.

Patrick Rasehwete
Project Manager
Private Bag X 173
Pretoria, 0001
Tel: 012 392 9324/48
E-mail: Patrick Rasehwete

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