Editors: Mandisa Lebitso and Anne Maclean

2 Hour Workshops


What Mathematics is on Offer Here?
Jill Adler and Erlina Ronda


Mental maths without worksheets or mini-tests: Activities to get your class into maths gearto get your class into maths gear
Sue Fourie


Rider strategies for solving school Geometry problems
Rajen Govender


Using an empty number line with Foundation Phase learners
Tania Halls


A formative assessment lesson: matching graphs, stories and tables
Marie Joubert


Using a scientific calculator for functions in the FET band
Rencia Lourens


Working with learners to find the equation of a straight line from the graph
Julia Mabiletsa, Molatelo Racheky and Craig Pournara


How to use the Casio fxCG20 graphic calculator to draw graphs
Mirriam Mafojane


Activities that illuminate and visibilise functions as objects
Shadrack Moalosi, Anancia Guveya and Comfort Chigabo


Oetsi Mokhobo


Using games to consolidate calculus rules and concepts
Ingrid Mostert


Models and Explanations for Early Addition and Subtraction
Quinton Nam


Changing the way we teach function transformations with GeoGebra
Cerenus Pfeiffer


So you want accurate graphs in your Mathematics Paper? Use Graph.exe software for free
Peter Raadt


Using Microsoft Excel to draw accurate Ogives; Histograms and frequency table
Peter Raadt


Mathematical thinking with Foundation Phase teachers
Nicky Roberts, Ursula Röntsch and Melissa Mentoor


Children making resources for measurement
Ursula Röntsch


Making regression analysis easy using a Casio Scientific Calculator
Astrid Scheiber


Using a calculator to investigate whether a linear, quadratic or exponential function best fits a set of bivariate numerical data.
Jackie Scheiber


Analysis of Van Hiele’s Theory In Circle Geometry: A Focus in FET Level
Sibawu Witness Siyepu


Teaching strategies for mental mathematics (Foundation Phase)
Connie Skelton


Teaching strategies for mental mathematics (Intermediate Phase)
Connie Skelton


Senior Phase Probability
Thabisa Tikilo


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