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The Association for Mathematics Education of South Africa - AMESA - is the professional association for Mathematics Education in South Africa.

AMESA is the voice of Mathematics Education in South Africa, representing the interests of the discipline and its members at national and provincial level.

All who have an interest in the teaching and learning of Mathematics at all levels should belong to this dynamic Association.

On this webpage you can learn more about AMESA, about its activities, its publications, how to become a member, its governance, and get the latest news about AMESA and Mathematics Education.

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Download Congress 2019 Memorabilia Order Form
Download Congress 2019 Final Announcement
Western Cape Regional Conference 20 October 2018
AMESA NEWS July 2018 available
AIMS position: Lecturer & Programme Coordinator
UCT position: Mathematics Research Lead
Mpumalanga Regional Conference 5-6 May 2018
KZN Regional Conference 19 May 2018
Western Cape Regional Conference 21 April 2018
Congress 2018 Final Announcement available
SAMF position: Part-time Executive Director
AMESA NEWS December 2017 available
Call for motions and nominations at Congress 2018
Congress 2018 First Announcement available
Congress 2017 Final Announcement available
AMESA Soweto Conference, 18 February 2017
Northern Cape Provincial Conference & AGM, 13 May 2017
Mpumalanga Provincial Conference & AGM, 6 May 2017
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